Are You Anxious? Depressed? What will tomorrow bring?

We live in a time of high anxiety. All around us, things seem to be falling apart - the climate, the economy, pollution... but there is a solution! At Z-Search we explore new ways for a better, brighter future - a happier future. Be part of one of our experiments - learn the secrets of happiness and success.

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About Z-Search

Z-Search is proud to be part of ground-breaking new research in genetic alterations and behavior modification. We are on a quest for a better, happier tomorrow through modified DNA sequencing and behavioral conditioning. Become part of this exciting future with us.


A group of radical youths has decided to protest Z-Search, and has repeatedly attempted to cut off our services to YOU, the public! They will not succeed in their attempts to block our servers or hinder our performance in any way.

If you are contacted by "STOP ZENITH", or anyone claiming that there is a "Grand 'Zenith' Conspiracy", report it to Z-Search or your local authorities immediately.