Ruth Woolridge

"Dear Z-Search,

I’m writing because of the remarkable work you did on my mother Ruth Woolridge. Her recovery from the surgeries was fast, and her results, incredible! Now, when people see me with my mother they think we are sisters. Most incredible, are the vast improvements to her health! Before visiting Z-Search, our primary care physician gave her 6 more months to live, but now he has finally given her a clean bill of health after years of struggling with heart disease. Her cloned heart has proved to be the perfect match you promised! She not only looks younger, but she feels younger as well. You may well have stumbled upon a medicinal fountain of youth. I still have my mother thanks to you!

-Barbara Woolridge"


Sharon Kirby

"I can’t thank all of you at Z-Search enough! My friends and family can’t believe what a difference your gene therapy has made. I no longer struggle through the deep depression that plagued my life. Before I found Z-Search I was at an all time low. My daily routine was to sleep through the things that bothered me. And everything bothered me. Of course I’d have the occasional good day. And when I was good, I was really good, but when I felt bad, I felt really bad. I had extremely high highs, and extremely low lows."

"But now I am so much more even-keeled, and I love it! I don't even remember what the word depression means! I used to swing from happiness to depression from one minute to the next, but now I’ve found a balance and a placid calm. I am numb to the things in life that used to affect me so deeply. I am my own woman again! Thank you Z-Search!"


Casey Tilton

"When I lost my leg in Afghanistan I thought my military career in the field was over.  I couldn’t stand the thought of being stuck behind a desk for the rest of my life.  Then one day I was idly combing through the internet and I stumbled upon one of your ads.  I clicked on it and that simple keystroke changed my life forever!" 

"Now I’m back in the field and it’s all thanks to you Z-Search!  The only down side is the price.  It turns out limb replacement really works, but it does cost you an arm and a leg!" 


Leah King

"For years my husband and I have tried to have children. We tried multiple fertility doctors, but until I found Z-Search it seemed that we were beyond help. With other doctors we had to go to their clinics over and over, but with Z-Search it was just one simple visit, and less than 9 months later along came our little Katy! She is so beautiful, and the best part is that she is 100% mine. We didn’t have to use another woman’s eggs, and now I have a baby girl that looks just like me! Z-Search, thank you so much."

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